GPT Mounter

GPT Mounter enables Windows XP/2000 users to access to GPT-partitioned disks smaller than 2TB.

Old OS, New disks? No problem.

If you are a Windows XP or 2000 user, you have probably run into a problem trying to access disks that were created by newer operating systems, such as Windows Vista, 7 and even Windows XP 64-bit. These disks were mostly likely disk partitioning scheme that XP and 2000 doesn’t understand.

Neither Windows XP nor Windows 2000 are capable of properly formatting volumes on GPT-partitioned disks. Though GPT Mounter does what it can to protect against damage if this is attempted, it should be avoided, and should not be expected to work. If you need to reformat a volume on a GPT-partitioned disk, you should use the operating system that created the disk.

HFS and HFS+ Disks
If you need to mount HFS and HFS+ disks with Windows, as well as GPT disks, you need MacDrive →

What is a GPT disk?

The GUID Partition Table (GPT) was incorporated as part of the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) initiative. GPT disks can grow bigger and are not constrained by partition size, as are disks partitioned using the Master Boot Record (MBR) partitioning scheme that has been a common way to setup disks.

Windows-based PCs have long partitioned disks using the Master Boot Record (MBR) disk partitioning scheme.

GPT Mounter does not enable Windows to read foreign file systems. Though GPT Mounter will work with a disk GPT-partitioned using Mac OS X or Linux, you are only able to mount volumes created using a file system Windows understands, such as FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS. Windows doesn’t natively understand Linux ext2, ext3 or ext4 volumes, nor does it natively understand Mac HFS or HFS+ volumes.

GPT Mounter Tech Specs

GPT Mounter supports GPT partitioned Windows-formatted disks created with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

GPT Mounter runs on:
Microsoft® Windows XP (32-bit only) with Service Pack 2 or newer
Microsoft® Windows 2000

* Disks larger than 2TB are not compatible with GPT Mounter (regardless of the size of the individual partitions). Neither Windows XP (32-bit) nor Windows 2000 will work with GPT disks of this size.

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